Oct 19

Who do I cast Symbiosis on? Addendum

mop_logo This post was originally written during Mists of Pandaria. Its content may be outdated due to changes that come with expansion packs. Please consider this while reading. 

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Update 26 October 12: Welp, it’s changing again. Latest patch notes indicate a change back to the previous iteration of Symbiosis as far as tanks are concerned, with some minor changes. Expect a post soon. 

A while back I posted about who to cast Symbiosis on, and Blizzard promptly nerfed the benefit that tanks got from Symbiosis. The result is that in creating the illusion of choice (the choice between 2 tanks was too cookie-cutter-esque, I guess), we have basically had the spell revert to being exactly what everyone complained about it being before. It’s now pretty much totally about personal preference. However, there is one druid-gained ability which has become my favourite. If you are STILL searching for the answer, try this one out. By no means is it the only option, but it’s certainly my preference.

As a resto druid, cast Symbiosis on a Shaman.

You’ll gain Spiritwalker’s Grace, a spell that lets you cast and channel on the move. There have already been a lot of fights this tier that mix in a need for movement at exactly the same time as a need to pop raid cooldowns. Having the ability to channel Tranquility on the move is about as awesome as you can get out of this ability, I am sure.

Of course, you need a shammy in your group, which won’t necessarily be every 10-man, and very rarely 5-mans (I realise as I write this that the only elemental or enhance shaman I’ve seen this expansion have been my alt and one guy who kept standing in death tornadoes in Scarlett Halls). Feel free to leave a comment if you have your own preference, whether it’s different to mine or the same.

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  1. Don

    If there isn’t a shaman, I prefer to cast Symbiosis on a priest. Lifegrip is really handy.

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