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Warlords of Draenor Stat Calculations

ED: This post was written prior to 6.0 and is based on beta numbers. Some of the information has changed. 

Below are some of my preliminary calculations for stats in Warlords of Draenor (based on current beta build These will be expanded in future posts, for now remember that unless otherwise noted, these numbers are approximates only (because of the small dataset of gear I had to work with on the beta), however they are pretty close. I’ve also got a preliminary list of WOD stat priorities, and some very early thoughts on the new stats Versatility, Leech and Multistrike.


WoD Stats

100 Mastery rating gives approximately +1.13636% Mastery increase
88 Mastery rating gives 1% mastery

100 Crit rating gives approximately +0.90925% Crit chance
112 Crit rating gives 1% crit

100 Multistrike gives approximately +1.5152% MS chance
66 MS gives 1% MS
***Multistrike is a DOUBLE hit (two chances to hit/heal for 30% of original damage/healing done)

100 Versatility gives approximately +0.76941 increased damage & healing
131 Versatility gives 1% increased damage & healing

100 Haste gives EXACTLY +1 Haste%


WoD Resto Druid Stat Priority

Mastery > Haste > MultistrikeCrit > Versatility

It’s pretty simple with the changes to haste, since 1% of each stat results in +1% healing done by HoTs. Crit has greater benefit for direct heals, but Glyph of Regrowth renders that limited to Healing Touch. I believe all changes to be totally negated through changes to HoTs (like Germination). Anyway, the comparison of Crit and Multistrike isn’t so straight forward, and I (or someone else) will work out how the two priorities fit together in the coming weeks, I’m sure. Comparison between Multistrike & Crit.

As for affixes, Leech is +self healing for a % of healing or damage dealt, looking at it it’s going to not be really useful at all for PvE, especially if you take Ysera’s Gift. What it *might* do is free up the Ysera’s Gift talent to take Cenarion Ward, so I’m withholding judgement, but for now that’s why I haven’t gone in to the numbers at all just yet. It looks like Spirit is going to be our only really desirable affix/tertiary stat at this stage.


Multistrike Details

The mechanics of the other stats will be pretty familiar with anyone who has already got some experience with resto druid pre-Warlords of Draenor. The new stats are quite interesting, especially multistrike (MS).

Multistrike tooltip:

multistrike tooltip

The multistrike tooltip, ingame.

Grants two [MS]% chances to deliver extra attacks or heals for 30.00% of normal value on each target. Multistrike [rating] ([MS%] multistrike)

So basically, every time you heal or do damage, you get 2 chances to deal 30% of the amount of healing or damage to those same targets.

Every 1% Multistrike (66 Multistrike rating), you gain a potential 0.6% increased healing and damage.

What I don’t know yet

I don’t know if each HoT tick can proc a multistrike, I don’t know if area heals (like Efflorescence) can proc a multistrike. Those are two big factors in how valuable it will be to druids. My gut feeling (untested!) is that HoT ticks would not have a chance to proc multistrike (too powerful). This means the boost is probably going to be biggest for the emerging Swiftmend-heavy style of play.

EDIT: Multistrike confirmed to affect HoTs (does not work with Efflorescence).

8/6 18:14:34.231 SPELL_PERIODIC_HEAL,Player:1135:0005B52E,”Valleygrl-Level100PvE”,0x511,0x0,Player:1135:0005B52E,”Gosudruid-Level100PvE”,0x511,0x0,774,”Rejuvenation”,0x8,0000000000000000,0,155340,0,0,0,0,0,0,0.00,0.00,0,2528,2528,0,nil,nil
8/6 18:14:34.231 SPELL_PERIODIC_HEAL,Player:1135:0005B52E,”Valleygrl-Level100PvE”,0x511,0x0,Player:1135:0005B52E,”Gosudruid-Level100PvE”,0x511,0x0,774,”Rejuvenation”,0x8,0000000000000000,0,155340,0,0,0,0,0,0,0.00,0.00,0,759,759,0,nil,1


Above, potential is a key word. Why potential? It’s the case for crit, and even moreso for Multistrike, that the boost you get, though consistent in the sense that it equates to a flat increase through chance, can’t be controlled. Sometimes, your crits and Multistrikes will happen when you don’t need them to, and won’t happen when you do. If you heal someone back to max and your Multistrike is relegated to overhealing, it has done 0 effective healing.

Even though Multistrike may seem to simply be more than twice as good as crit (half the cost, more healing as a result) in reality, it won’t be that way.



ED (8/8/14): I corrected an error – I made a mistake in the Multistrike section where I counted the double chance twice. Serves me right for not annotating spreadsheets correctly. Apologies

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  1. Melphas

    Hey bread,

    Awesome TC, gonna test it now


  2. Breadfan

    Thanks! Let me know how you go!


  3. TedCrilly

    Hey ! Glad to see you are back posting! Seems you are well rested and ready to go for WoD? I have changed servers, and factions but hope to catch up when WoD lands, just having a bit of a break atm .

    1. Breadfan

      Hey, thanks! Pretty much. It’s a very different feel this time around than BC/Wrath/Cata/MoP. It’s like the first time that I’m not sure it’s going to be awesome, but I do think there will be some major adjustments to create a challenge, so I’m still excited.

      And yeah that’d be cool, definitely say hi if you see me pop on!

  4. Bloodemma

    You can crit with a multistrike

    For example, if you Crit-Multistrike and that does 1000 damage, you’ll have two separate MS% chances to automatically follow with another smaller l that does 300 damage. (crit 200% + 2x crit-MS of 60% = 320% )

    normal no-crit Multistrike and that does 500 damage, you’ll have two separate MS% chances to automatically follow with another smaller l that does 150 damage. (normal 100% + 2x MS of 30% = 160% )

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