Apr 20

Warlords of Draenor: Resto Druid Level 100 Talents

Here’s a look at Resto Druid level 100 talents, some notes and finally, a bit about how they stack up. Disagree? Post a comment below.


Moment of Clarity Omen of Clarity now lasts 5 sec, instead of 1 cast

This is extremely powerful. Dumping 3 FREE Regrowths over the space of 5 sec is going to be a huge throughput boost. In Tree of Life, when Regrowth is instant, this becomes an even bigger Regrowth spamfest.


Germination You can apply two Rejuvenations to the same target.

This is a pretty interesting change. My gut instinct is that it will not be as powerful as Moment of Clarity, but it does allow you to really boost your single-target throughput.


Rampant Growth Swiftmend now consumes your own Regrowth or Rejuvenation, but has no cool-down.

Stylistically, I don’t like the change. I don’t think it’s ever going to be worth it to spam Swiftmend at the cost of an additional GCD over the cost of a Rejuv, but it might have situational use if you are heavy on Rejuv use (which I am). I don’t know, it seems like this change is for someone like me and it doesn’t do it for me.


Unfortunately, I’m thinking that Moment of Clarity is going to be a pretty clear default. Germination’s true value will depend on what the numbers end up at come release – how SP coefficients, spell costs, mana regen mechanics and the like will combine to change the overall flow of healing, but Moment of Clarity in its current iteration is clearly super powerful. I’m banking on a change before release!


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