Jul 17

Warlords of Draenor Inc

I know it’s been a long time coming, but there are finally a good chunk of updates inbound – with Warlords of Draenor incoming, I’ll be shifting focus of the site to WoD topics. I couldn’t bring myself to play much lately, let alone post about the state of the game – a game which is soon going to chance massively. A couple of days ago, I got my beta invite (which I think is the 2nd wave, at least that I’m aware of – not quite special enough for the first!). A couple of hours playing has me really pumped and the changes are really worth writing about. So do check back to read about what the hell some of those tertiary stats/affixes even mean, and what the state of spirit is.

For now, I’m still levelling – it’s not really worth delving too much into stats until at max level because of the way things scale – a stat can be everything at a lower level but nearly worthless at max.

While I level, what I’ll be working on is noting all the existing articles I’ve written as being MoP-specific, and changing the menus so that the distinction is clearly visible. You’ll still be able to read about MoP stuff, but I’m going to make it easy that come release week, you’ll have to dig a little deeper for it.

I want to take a minute to thank anyone who is reading this post, whether you’ve read anytthing else I’ve written or not. I really love making posts and updating the site and I feel sad going long periods without posting. I don’t want to fill it with pointless posts though because I like to think that anything I post meets a certain minimum standard. So thank you for visiting, returning or thinking about returning, as the case may be. Remember you can subscribe at the top of the page, via email or RSS, and follow me on twitter/twitch. I always invite email (or skype) contact whether you want to ask questions, or just chat peer to peer.

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