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The problem with epic gems in 4.3

cata_logo (2) This post was originally written during Cataclysm. Its content may be outdated due to changes that come with expansion packs. Please consider this while reading. 

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Today, Lore from Tankspot posted his interview with Ghostcrawler, wherein the plan for epic gems in the next patch was revealed. In a nutshell, they are to be a random drop off bosses, and they will be 25 percent better than rare gems (50 str/int/agi from red gems, up from 40). Nothing was specifically mentioned about the combination gems.

So what does this mean for profession balance?

Currently, all other crafting professions (alchemy, blacksmithing, leatherworking and inscription) all give a bonus of 80 to a primary stat, with the exceptions of engineering and tailoring which have a proc effect which equates to being roughly equal when used on cooldown. With the addition of these gems, the benefit of blacksmithing increases by 20. It will then give 100 bonus to a primary stat. Jewelcrafting provides a bonus of 81 by the means of jewelcrafter-only prismatics, and this bonus is a result of how much better each gem is than the current rare gems. By buffing the gems available to everyone, the bonus from prismatics is effectively reduced by 30. Therefore when compared to blacksmithing, jewelcrafting only gives a buff of 51 to a primary stat.

How do you balance it?

The best way I can think of is to not allow these epic gems to be placed into prismatic sockets. This would eliminate the excess to blacksmithing. Jewelcrafting would then be 29 behind every other stat, and could easily be brought back to how it is now by either buffing the prismatic gems by 9 or 10 apiece, or by allowing jewelcrafters to equip a 4th prismatic gem (this would still leave them lacking by about 10, but going by Lore’s interview, Blizzard are fine with that kind of a gap). While a bonus of 20 to a stat may not be enough to make a lot of people drop one of alchemy, leatherworking or inscription to boost their stats, I’d wager there will be a surge of people prepared to drop jewelcrafting to gain 49 of a stat.

This post was originally made on September 19, 2011 on Signaleleven.net.  The date shown on this page is the day that I established this site and opted to rebuild my database instead of port it across. I plan to fix the dates in the future when I have the time.

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