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Resto Druid Stat Priority in Legion 7.0.3

A lot of guides I’ve seen have been pretty cut and dry about the resto druid stat priority and where they rank Mastery. Some will go on to explain that Mastery is better than Crit for dungeon content, and Crit is better for raiding. As a rule of thumb, that is pretty solid advice. Particularly with the changes to rings and necks no longer having Intellect, the choice of second priority stat is a big one. If you’re interested in getting it right though, you really have to look carefully at Mastery, as its weighting changes according to both situation and your own play. There are certainly sites and guides out there that get the priorities and weights of the other secondary stats correct.

So far, I’ve had difficulty drawing perfectly mathematically sound stat weights for resto druids (partly because of design changes and Blizzard’s current philosophy of hiding information), but I’ve come up with what seems to be a fairly good estimate. I’m not too concerned with it not being perfect though, because the nature of Mastery now means that your playstyle determines how much you’ll get out of Mastery. Gone are the days when Mastery was a flat healing increase across the board, although it’s still a really terrific stat that lets you maximize its potential through the decisions you make in healing.

I’m going to share my own personal normalized stat weights, and hopefully give you the knowledge to come to the correct stat weighting decision. Note that I’m not really raiding actively and I’m mainly running Mythic+ dungeons. I get in to some Emerald Nightmare (N) runs, and will likely move on to (H) in the future, but it’s not my priority, and I’m not a “progression” raider. If you’re like me, these numbers could work well for you. If not, I’d encourage you to read on and work out your own weight. Just bear in mind that most of these are pretty close together, regardless of which comes out ahead.


Mythic+ Stat Priority

  • Int = 1
  • Crit = 0.592
  • Haste = 0.625
  • Versatility 0.518
  • Mastery = 0.61

Pawn String

( Pawn: v1: “M+Resto-SometimesATree”: Intellect=1, HasteRating=0.625, MasteryRating=0.61, CritRating=0.592, Leech=0.1, Versatility=0.518, MovementSpeed=0.05 )

Notes on my pawn weights:

Value of secondary stats to Int is taken from Ask Mr Robot, my estimate was very close to theirs – the secondary stats are all normalized from one another.

I consider the +Speed affix to be non-zero because it gives a minor benefit. It’s definitely non-zero. I would consider each situation where I was going to take an item over another because of Speed very carefully, and there are certainly situations where it’s not relevant.

My leech values are a little lower than others might rank it. This is because while there is a very real and non-zero benefit, it’s situational. There are also situations in Mythic+ where you don’t actually want leech to be causing any healing.



Crit is essentially a flat healing throughput increase. Each critical strike increases your amount healed by 100%. While every tick is subject to chance, over time a Crit chance of 20% will mean +20% to your total healing. With the number of ticks we are responsible for over the course of an encounter or instance, it very quickly normalizes.

It takes about 350 points of crit rating in order to gain 1% crit chance (and therefore 350 crit rating is +1% increase to your healing done).



Mastery is a great deal more nuanced than Crit.

First of all, it takes about two thirds more Mastery rating to achieve a 1% Mastery increase – about 583 mastery rating. However, Mastery increases your healing done by the Mastery amount for every one of your HOTs on the target. This means that if you are able to stack HOTs on a target, then you are very quickly going to gain a lot of bonus healing.

Second, this means that the type of content you are running matters. It is especially useful in dungeons where you only have 5 targets and it’s pretty realistic to maintain blanket HOTs to ensure most heals are benefitting from multiple HOT bonuses. In raids, especially with larger groups, you’re going to want to spread your HOTs further. 10 consecutive, on-cooldown casts of Rejuv evenly split across 5 people in a dungeon is going to heal for more than 10 consecutive, on-cooldown casts on unique targets in a raid group.

Mastery synergises with artifact traits and talents. Most notable is the golden trait Power of the Archdruid, which can trigger 2 additional Rejuv or Regrowth HOTs on allies. Persistence increases Rejuv duration (extending Mastery’s bonus). The Flourish talent also increases the duration of all HOTs. A little less directly, the Abundance talent reduces the cast time of Healing Touch for each of your HOTs active, which of course means the quicker it becomes it will also increase further in power.

Power of the Archdruid

Power of the Archdruid is the artifact trait with the greatest synergy with Mastery: Harmony


Key pointers about Mastery: Harmony bonus

  • The first HOT on a target benefits from this effect (so if your only HOT on the target is 1 Rejuv, it gets the bonus from Mastery)
  • The first HOT benefits from the application of a second HOT (so if you apply a Germination Rejuv, both HOTs will increase by your Mastery %) resulting in a multiplicative bonus
  • Regrowth’s HOT is applied AFTER the direct heal – the direct heal will not benefit from its own HOT application
  • Neither Tranquility nor Efflorescence are a HOT
  • The spells that trigger a Mastery increase are:
    • Rejuvenation
    • Rejuvenation (Germination)
    • Cultivation
    • Cenarion Ward (HOT effect)
    • Lifebloom
    • Regrowth (HOT portion only)
    • Wild Growth


How to work it out

Go ahead and do your own evaluation before you commit to changing your stat priority. First, just try to play by maximizing your Mastery bonus for every heal possible. Try to only cast direct heals at targets with at least a couple of HOTs rolling. Importantly, capture the combat logs!

Analyse those logs to determine what your average Mastery benefit was per cast. It’ll likely be between 1 and 2, and the closer it is to two, the more it weighs. 1.67 is the break-even point with crit (at which point two pieces of gear, one with mastery and one with crit, equal in those values and all others, are identical). From this, you can work out your comparison for crit. Bear in mind that this will vary by content, so if you run a lot of Mythic+ dungeons like me, chances are your Mastery will be a lot more valuable.



What to look for in Pawn strings

A lot of people tend to share Pawn strings that are, in the same way as mine, not mathematically true (ie there is some underlying assumption or estimate like I’ve stated). Still, not all are equal, and here are some values so that you can make sure the core ratio is down:

  • Mastery isn’t easily calculated to a flat throughput increase and will vary by how you play and which instance/type of content you’re doing.
  • Crit and Versatility (healing increase) can be calculated to a flat throughput increase.
  • Versatility’s healing increase is worth about 87.5% of crit. Do a quick check – is Versatility any less than 87.5% of the crit weight? If so, it’s improperly calculated. If it’s slightly more, there’s probably a little weight added due to the survivability increase. I don’t consider this as I limit my focus to throughput gains.
  • Haste has 2 factors – the increase to HOT ticks (flat increase to HOTs only) and reduction in cast and GCD time.


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  1. KnackyBear

    Thanks a lot for your post !
    I searched for a long time the stats weight for a Mastery turn build (currently I am in a haste priority build, with more 30% haste and 20% crit but only 8% mastery…)

    I will try it immediatly (=

  2. Andrew8818

    Thanks for the info, but im having trouble importing your stat weights in to Pwn.

  3. Scharra

    Thank you for this guide! Any recommendations for what trinkets work best with which dungeon/keystone level?

  4. wrathsome

    I thought Spring Blossoms was a HoT as well.
    I guess I was wrong. Thanks for the posting, I had to turn off my television and really read it!

  5. Sound

    Hi there. Your Pawn string gives an error when trying to import it, making Pawn say it doesn’t understand the scale tag.

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