Apr 19

Resto Druid Spells Removed in WoD

Resto druids seem to have not been affected too brutally by the ability cull, but weren’t left totally unscathed. Below are some of the known Resto druid spells removed in WoD and some comments about their removal.

Innervate (redesigned)

Innervate was removed entirely, but has since been re-added with a changed effect. It is no longer a single ability that gives you 20% of your mana passively. It is now a much more active spell, with no cool-down and a 2 second cast-time. It now regens 5%*Max mana over 8 seconds, the catch being that any Healing spells cast cancel the effect. This makes for an interesting change.



Nourish was essentially rendered useless in MoP, because of how it scaled with Healing Touch and Regrowth, and Swiftmend being changed to refresh Harmony duration.



This is a really disappointing removal. Blizzard’s reason for dumping it was that it was too complicated and convoluted. I do agree, but would have loved for it to have been reworked. It was exciting to have a spell that was so dynamic as to change depending on which class it was cast on.


Swift Rejuvenation

This was a pretty superfluous stat in MoP since 1-second GCD was achieved across the board thanks to haste without any effort whatsoever. Assuming no major change to GCD-reduction via haste in WoD, this was just removed for tidying things up. Biggest impact will be at low levels.


Note that 5% is an assume value based on 2.5% every 4 seconds (unfortunately I don’t have alpha access so my information is limited – if you can confirm please contact me). Innervate may have an upfront tick and might be worth 7.5%*Max mana over 8 sec. This seems highly likely (slightly more efficient than the current Innervate over 30 sec, if you spent that 30 sec not casting any healing spells).


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