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Resto Druid Log Analysis Part 2 – Mogu’Shan Vaults

mop_logo This post was originally written during Mists of Pandaria. Its content may be outdated due to changes that come with expansion packs. Please consider this while reading. 

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Previously, I had a look at logs from Vuru of <Exodus>. Soon after posting, I had the opportunity to try out healing in a Mists of Pandaria raid for the first time. Subsequently, I’ve decided to do another resto druid log analysis post – this time of myself. I’ll be going through my own log, and comparing to Vuru’s along the way. This is a pretty vital step in the log analysis process – by doing this, I can quickly see how what I am doing deviates from Vuru, and I can make informed decisions. Note that unfortunately, Vuru wasn’t healing the Stone Guard encounter for Exodus, so my comparison can only be quite general. Note that this raid was a trial for <Enigmatic>, who I’ve been looking to join. As you’ll see, the trial went well as far as proving I could heal, however I’m not sure yet if I’ll stick around with them. First and foremost, here are the stats I took in to my first raid:

  • 17,424 Spell Power
  • 7.34% Haste (unbuffed) – 12.34% with the 5% haste buff!
  • 13,940 Mp5 out of combat (9970 combat Mp5)
  • 9.86% Crit
  • 15.07% Mastery
  • 463 iLvl equipped

And here’s a screenshot of my armory. It’s zoomed out a bit to capture stats, but I think it’s enough to give you the idea.

And here’s the log so you can see my Healing done.

First of all, we went in with a seventh healer while Exodus for the most part only ran with six. Here’s a side-by-side comparison of Healing by spell (since it’s so wide, I recommend you open in a new tab or window, sorry). Side by side log comparison of Breadfan and VuruRemembering that Vuru’s Will of the Emperor encounter lasted nearly twice as long as my Stone Guard encounter, here are some notes:

  • We both use rejuv fairly similarly – it accounts for 27.6% of my overall compared with 30.9% of Vuru’s. Such a difference could come down to encounter differences. Also, my overhealing with Rejuv is 33% compared with Vuru’s 47.4%. My Rejuv usage is remarkably more effective, and I did outperform Vuru here.
  • Wild Growth comes in second for both of us. It’s a marginally bigger component of my overall healing done and I do marginally less overhealing, but with different encounters this means little. On the whole, I think I used Wild Growth effectively similar to Vuru.
  • Lifebloom and Tranquility are swapped in order for our encounters, but this is almost certainly due to the length of encounter – had the fight gone long enough for me to cast Tranq twice more, I’m sure it would have been above Lifebloom. I also don’t remember, but perhaps one of my Tranquility casts was poorly timed (I did have to interrupt channels on various attempts to move out of pools & traps/bring chains together)
  • I did let Lifebloom fall off a lot (10 times to Vuru’s 1). If I improve this, it will mean I save 20 Lifebloom casts, or 70,800 mana over the course of the fight. This is a really simple way to make a big improvement!
  • Swiftmend is once again extremely similar in % between myself and Vuru, and minor differences are most likely due to fight differences.
  • Wow I sure love Regrowth. I’m using Regrowth on a lot of my Omen of Clarity procs – effectively the opposite of Vuru whose preference is for Healing Touch. Since I’m using the Glyph of Healing Touch, I should absolutely be using Healing Touch to reduce my Swiftmend cooldown as much as possible. Curiously, Vuru doesn’t use that glyph but still opts for Healing Touch. If I didn’t have the Glyph of Healing Touch, I actually think my method of using Regrowth would be more effective, thanks to both Living Seed as well as the ongoing benefit from the HoT portion of Regrowth. However, Swiftmend is cheap, and Efflorescence does a lot of AoE healing, so being able to cast more Swiftmends is definitely something to shoot for.
  • Cenarion Ward is really underwhelming. Maybe I should change it up to something a bit more useful. Nature’s Swiftness would synergise with what I’m trying to do really well.

So there you have it – on the whole, you might look at my log and think that I possibly outperformed Vuru in some way. That’s the illusion of healing meters I guess. You can put my better numbers down to my group not being as good as Vuru’s for the most part – there’s a lot of avoidable damage that I ended up healing in my fight that I’m sure Vuru didn’t have to in theirs. Then of course, there’s the fact that they are very different fights, and managing your mana over the course of a 6 and a half minute fight is very different to managing it over a 12 and a half minute fight.

I hope this highlights the importance of looking into logs instead of simply comparing the biggest numbers at face value. I’ve come away with two really simple fundamental things to change – to make sure I don’t let Lifebloom fall off, and to make sure I spend OoC procs on Healing Touch instead of Regrowth. Both of these will make drastic improvements to my healing (clearly, I’m very rusty!). This is on top of something I already know – I need to use cooldowns better! There were long periods where I didn’t activate Synapse Springs, Incarnation or Nature’s Vigil, which all would have resulted in much better performance.

One final note – this is the first time I’ve ranked in the top 200 on a fight! I came in at #125 (and have since slipped to about #132). This is cool because at this point in time, everyone is on a pretty even footing in terms of gear, so it means that I am doing fairly well. I’m also raiding on the weekend after most of the serious guilds have run through, so it’s not like I’ve slid in early. The thing is though, healing rankings aren’t really all that much of a reflection on healers. Like I mentioned, a fight with a lot of avoidable damage that isn’t avoided results in a lot of extra healing. Also, DPS numbers greatly influence the fight. If you are going from burst to burst to burst, then the fight ending right after a Tranq will end with your meter reading a lot higher than a fight that ends right before Tranq comes off cooldown. I’m not stroking my ePeen here, just making a small note about something that comes with a small degree of personal satisfaction.

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    Your style is really unique in comparison
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    1. Breadfan

      Thanks for your feedback, I’m glad I’m doing something differently and hope it’s helpful!

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