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Legion Haste Breakpoints for Resto Druids

Want to know what the Legion haste breakpoints will be for resto druids?

Haste has undergone some changes. The short version?

Haste breakpoints are gone!

Haste Breakpoints; Then

The old haste system (until the end of Mists of Pandaria) meant that at a certain number, you gained an extra tick of a HoT. At 4075 haste, your Rejuvenation ticked a 6th time per application. Less than that, only 5 times. The issue was, if you had 5023 haste, you effectively got no benefit for any haste over 4075, and all that excess haste on your gear was wasted. With so many of the Resto Druids’ spells being instant cast, reduced cast time is nearly a zero-factor, and so that extra 948 haste was wasted, when it could have been reforged into something that had a bigger benefit, say Mastery.


Haste Breakpoints; Now

Now, if your haste rating lands you part way between two haste breakpoints, you get the benefit as a % of extra tick. So, if you are exactly half way between your 5th and 6th whole tick, your 6th tick will happen halfway between the 5th and when the 6th should be, and do 50% of the healing of what the 6th should be, where the 6th tick were a whole tick. That means that whether you are at 1% haste, 7.9% haste or 12.31% haste, the same amount of haste will grant the same benefit for your ticks as before.


What does this mean?

Stats are simplified so that haste is now a flat value. It’s easier to compare different stats. Stat weights will be important but it should be pretty straight forward to work out whether a piece is an upgrade or not – certainly not worth the effort of opening up your favourite online stat calculator to tell you.


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