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This page is an archive of resto druid guides from previous expansions. You’re welcome to check them out for nostalgia reasons or what have you, but there isn’t any real reason to read them if you’re looking to boost your resto druid game today.
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Resto Druid Haste Breakpoints


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Haste Breakpoints

Here you’ll find Resto Druid haste breakpoints for 5.4. Once again, Binkenstein was the first I saw to publish the numbers, so check out Totemspot for his breakpoint cards for all classes! Looking for haste breakpoints information for Warlords of Draenor or Legion? Click here! These numbers are relevant to Mists of Pandaria –¬†patch 5.4 …

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MoP Resto Gear List

hope to add some kind of search or filter feature, but for now, feel free to browse as is (if you are after something specific, like say, a weapon, just hit Ctrl+F and search for “weapon” that way!)   Jump To: Dungeon Gear List Justice Point Gear List Valor Point Gear List Crafted Gear List …

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