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Stats & Priorities


Resto Druid Basics:

These are core concepts. You might find most of these are familiar ideas, especially if you have a good deal of experience raiding as a Resto Druid. I know from personal experience that my understanding of most of these components kept on evolving as I improved and invested more in to research and practice. My goal is to help you, dear reader, to skip that part, and be equipped with a thorough understanding from the get go.

  • Key Spells & When To Use Them (External Link – Icy-Veins)
    I could go and write my own introductory spell article, but to be honest it will come out with much of the same info as this Icy-Veins guide. Still, it’s a good place to start – just don’t forget to come back and get the real knowledge 😉
  • The Resto Druid’s Three Resources (Mists of Pandaria)
    This is a classic article that I’m really proud of. It’s a little outdated but the concepts still apply. One day I may write an updated version. The basic idea is that you need to treat mana (how much mana do I have?), time (how much healing can I do within a critical window) and attention (to whom are those heals best directed) as individual and highly important resources when healing.


Interfacing with the game:

I recommend you have some experience actually healing before you delve in to this section. You might check out the UI guide for some inspiration, but I think you want a feel for what your “main” spell casts are and how you use things like big heals and cool-downs before you make changes. This section encourages you to take what I have put forth as a suggestion and come up with a solution that suits you. Maybe you want to consider this information and model yourself after your favourite Resto Druid streamer from <Guild Name Here>. I’ll encourage you to not think of anything here as permanent – it’s natural that you’ll come to rethink things, and that what’s optimal now might not be optimal later, either because of a change in your knowledge, a glyph or a set bonus.


Advanced Concepts:

Style is something that comes after you can do everything else. It’s often about breaking the rules to make gains, or more specifically, knowing when to break them. I also include theorycrafting amongst this list – I’m not talking about theorycrafting like what Hamlet of Elitist Jerks fame does though. I’m talking about a basic level of theorycrafting, focused on working out where you need to be in niche situations, where the “general” approach to the class might fall short.


Coming Soon:

  • Mythic Dungeons TL;DR series of articles
  • Resto Druid Artifact Weapon Traits Guide
  • Resto Druid Withered Army Training Guide
  • Mythic+ Mechanics Guide
  • UI Setup

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This page is an archive of resto druid guides from previous expansions. You’re welcome to check them out for nostalgia reasons or what have you, but there isn’t any real reason to read them if you’re looking to boost your resto druid game today. Don’t forget you can use the search function to find something …

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Resto Druid (Balance Affinitiy) DPS Guide

In Legion, Resto Druids have had significant buffs to their ability to do DPS. At the core of this buff is the level 45 talent option, which provides access to some core abilities from another Druid spec. This DPS guide will focus on the Balance Affinity option. Resto Druids can deal enough damage to level …

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Resto Druid Artifact Guide

I’ve been seeing a lot of demand for a guide to the Resto Druid Artifact, G’Hanir, the Mother Tree. This guide will outline my artifact trait paths. For those not yet in the know, you acquire Artifact Power (AP) to give power to your weapon. You acquire it everywhere in the world – quest rewards, …

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Key Mapping

Resto Druid Keymapping

Keymapping is about personal preference as much as anything. You need to be comfortable with where your abilities are, enough so that you never need to look at your keyboard while playing, and enough so that you never need to click an ability during combat. My goal in writing this is to present my own …

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Resto Druid Macros

I’m going to group resto druid macros into two categories – general and mouse-over healing specific. The reason being, not everyone uses a mouse-over healing style, although I do think that it’s superior to other methods. Plenty of very skilled druids in very high-end guilds prove that methods like click-healing are valid choices at all …

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Raid UI

User Interface

Updated for Legion in patch 7.0.3 This article covers the foundation of where to place things on your UI, and what sort of addons to look for. Continue on to the macros page when you’re done. If you need a hand setting up addons, try my addon configuration pages. User Interface Design The user interface …

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Legion Haste Breakpoints for Resto Druids

Want to know what the Legion haste breakpoints will be for resto druids? Haste has undergone some changes. The short version? Haste breakpoints are gone! Haste Breakpoints; Then The old haste system (until the end of Mists of Pandaria) meant that at a certain number, you gained an extra tick of a HoT. At 4075 …

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