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It’s been a long time since my last post, and there are a multitude of reasons why. If you’re a previous reader returning, welcome back! If you’re new to the site, welcome, and I hope you find reason to return.

I have been playing to some degree for essentially the entirety of Warlords of Draenor, but with varying degrees of actual activity. I’ve had plenty of stretches where I’ve only logged on for AH flipping, garrison dailies, profession CDs, etc. I’ve done next to no raiding (fortunately my guild are cool enough to bring me along when I can make it, despite my severe lack of dedication and gear!). I struggle finding time that I can really commit to a raid team. Of course, there are lots of pugging options – I should actually do this. Overall, my WoD experience hasn’t been what I would consider positive. But, I’m excited that Legion looks to be addressing lots of those issues.

What’s been keeping me occupied? My work has kept me consistently busy, and I had my second daughter in April. These are the main factors, but I’m still working to finish my degree, and I’m broadening my horizons with a few hobbies.

One thing I need to pull the trigger on is a realm transfer – as an Australian, my US-based server isn’t cutting it anymore. Sadly, I didn’t take advantage of the free realm transfer offered when Oceanic realms came online, and I’m still finding it very difficult to cut some of my deepest ties to the current realm (which has been my home since The Burning Crusade).

I’m still very passionate about the game. I still expect to marathon level to 110 (and 120, and beyond). I’m still excited by where we’re going. The features of Legion I was initially dubious about are growing on me, and I’m starting to come to terms with how cool this can be.

I have really struggled to find motivation to write about healing in WoD. It truly doesn’t seem that exciting. Your experience may vary, and I’m sure that there are situational factors in my situation that actually affect the ways I’m able to enjoy the game. But, as far as resto druid gameplay goes, I feel like I basically need to take articles I’ve previously written and remove chunks of it to make it accurate. Maybe you disagree, and there’s a deep, rich level of rewarding gameplay that is unique to WoD that I’m missing. What I will be looking to do is focus my attention on Legion, which looks like it will be a fresh experience. I say this in spite of the minimal changes to resto druids. More on that in a future post, which I’m really looking forward to writing down.

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