Oct 04

Preparing for Raiding (Continuing MoP progression)

mop_logo This post was originally written during Mists of Pandaria. Its content may be outdated due to changes that come with expansion packs. Please consider this while reading. 

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With Mogu’shan Vaults dropping this week, I figure it’s time to continue on from last week’s post about stat priorities. Hopefully you are more than capable of healing heroics (and if it’s thanks to my advice, awesome!). Things are shifting for raids though, so here are the stats you want to aim for as you are preparing for raiding.


  1. Spirit is pretty, pretty good. I haven’t got my attempts in this week but it looks like aiming for around 15k Mana Regen (out of combat).
  2. The first extra WG tick from haste is at the 7.12% breakpoint, and this is entirely reachable prior to raiding.
  3. Mastery and Crit are still the most valuable for throughput, with Mastery winning out over crit as always due to itemisation cost.
  4. Gemming and enchanting for spirit is not only OK, but good. I’m using blue +Spirit gems in blue and prismatic sockets, and purple +Int/+Spirit gems in red sockets.


Spirit is in a funny place right now (similar to Cataclysm) where it is vital to get “enough”. It’s top priority up to a point that you can manage, and from there you just want to maintain it. <Exodus> of Cho’Gall took the world first normal-mode clear, so I’ve been paying attention to their resto druid Vuru and his logs (see his/her armory here). I’m planning on putting out a log analysis soon.

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