Aug 28

Patch 5.0.4 drops tonight

So the pre-patch for Mists of Pandaria is dropping tonight. The last major patch for Cataclysm. Tomorrow, I have an exam, so I’ll probably wake up, see if anything crazy has happened, pick my specs and talents, and then… close WoW. I have an exam to sit, and have plans afterwards. Also, on completing the exam, I need to transfer the my computer into a shiny new case that I hope will fix a couple of problems before MoP hits, which together with a faster internet connection should make streaming a more frequent occurrence.

The past few days, I’ve pretty much been liquidating everything into cash – posting auctions for everything I can. I’m stockpiling a select few items, but not in huge number. Just the super cheap volatiles and cloth, etc that are sure to dry up in the expansion. I’m planning to go into this expansion with enough bank that I can drop the cash and buy the gear I need to – if I need to. If not, I can just spend big on the Black Market Auction House I guess.

I’ve also made some progress on my alts – my mage is now level 67, and the goal is to have both it and my currently-level-58 shaman to 75 and max the professions I don’t have maxed yet (inscription, tailoring and skinning). Any more progress is a bonus – I’m hoping to have every healer class at 90 and running challenge modes before too long.

I’ve grabbed some potions of treasure-finding and plan to add to my embersilk stockpile that way (not to mention, use some in levelling my tailoring) and just generally make some extra cash.

I’ve been kicking around the idea of actually trying for a server first, probably engineering. Faid from Clockworkriot (which is a totally awesome gold making blog that you should totally check out) was saying she is going for it on her server, and expects it to cost around 50-60k. I might suss it out on the beta, but Blackrock being as populated as it is will mean that it’s a tough feat. Not to mention I don’t know anyone who’ll be mining enough on day 1 to supply me.

Over the next month, I’ll try to post cool and interesting druid-related stuff I notice, but that kind of relies on the discoveries being there to be made. Also, look out for a post fare welling Cataclysm once and for all. I started writing it a while ago (probably about the time beta first launched) and fortunately, I thought it might be a little premature to post. That turned out lucky in the end.

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