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Notes on Genesis Throughput

mop_logo This post was originally written during Mists of Pandaria. Its content may be outdated due to changes that come with expansion packs. Please consider this while reading. 

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For a long while – almost the entire way through 5.2 and 5.3 – I have been playing WoW very lightly, mainly making some cash on the auction house, and almost certainly not raiding (not even LFR). When I logged on in 5.4 and discovered Genesis in my spellbook (I hadn’t read any patch notes at all) I rejoiced. This ability is certainly a buff to the resto druid. Here’s some notes on how Genesis works and how it’s best used. I’m going to consider raw numbers as well as mana efficiency.

Rejuv basics:

  • Base Rejuv has a 12 second duration and ticks once every 3 seconds, as well as one tick up front for a total of 5 ticks.
  • With haste over the extra tick breakpoint at 12.51%, you get 5 ticks plus 1 up front for a total of 6 over 12 seconds. This equates to a tick every 2.4 seconds.
  • Crits can apply to each tick and double that tick’s strength
  • Ticks on targets already at max health do 0 healing. Whenever ticks are referred to, the assumption is that they heal their full amount. It’s up to you to make sure you make the right choice of when to use Rejuv. Genesis makes it a hell of a lot easier to be more efficient with your Rejuvs though!

Genesis-affected Ticks

From here on, 12.51% haste is presumed.

If you have 3 ticks remaining when you cast genesis, that means that the 3 ticks affected by genesis will be 4 times faster.

Side note: There is no throughput gain for an instance where rejuv has less than 3 seconds remaining when you cast Genesis, because there is only one tick remaining. That tick will happen faster and technically rejuv will expire up to a second or two sooner, but you are using up a GCD by casting Genesis, and you could spend those last couple of GCDs instead healing while that last rejuv tick is still in waiting. 

The below chart demonstrates how many ticks of rejuv you can possibly get out of Genesis based on how many targets have Rejuvenation active.


Table represents the number of ticks affected by Genesis when Rejuv is on multiple targets.

Table represents the number of ticks affected by Genesis when Rejuv is on multiple targets.

On the face of it, it appears that the more people with Rejuv before you activate Genesis, the better. However, the graph shows that the effect is diminishing. The best raw throughput gain is had when you have 2 targets for whom Rejuv is active – both targets get a full 5 ticks of boosted Rejuv ticks each.

Graph of Genesis effect

The curve of the line says the benefit per target diminishes the more Rejuv targets you have.

Genesis Mana Consumption

Another key consideration is mana consumption. Every instance of Rejuv costs 7830 mana to lay on a target. Every time you activate Genesis, another 8700 mana is burned. Therefore, the cost per tick of Genesis’d Rejuv for a single target is 3306 mana (7830+8700, over 5).

The below chart outlines the cost per tick with the 5.0.x tier 2 piece set bonus (Rejuv costs 10% less). The base cost of Rejuv is 8700 (the same as Genesis).

Mana cost per tick.

Mana cost per tick.

As you can see, the way to be most mana-efficient in your use of Genesis is to activate it when Rejuv is on 4 targets, and really the range between 3 to 5 targets is pretty close.

Should I not bother using Genesis because it’s too hard?

No, not at all. Genesis actually makes life easier for you. Even in many so-called “high-end” guilds, healers don’t pay much attention to what other healers in their group are doing outside of raid cooldowns. Most of the time, those pesky Priests and pretty Pallies don’t even know you have Rejuv ticking away on a target (because they haven’t set up their raid frames to show HotS cast by others) – they see a deficit and they heal it. It doesn’t matter that Rejuv would have healed the target just fine on its own. And what are you left with? Rejuv ticks that are purely overheal.

It’s a combination of awesome team chemistry among your healing team, blind luck, smart decision making and guesswork as to how effective each cast of Rejuv might be. During an encounter, a lot can change over the course of 12 seconds. By using Genesis effectively, you massively reduce the time that Rejuv lasts on a target, and in doing so, you make it much, much easier on yourself to pick the targets who need Rejuv.

When should I use Genesis?

Generally speaking, I’d recommend you build the habit of firing Genesis when you have 4 targets with Rejuv, and the range of 3-5 is where to concentrate. If you’re blanketing the raid in Rejuvs under heavy damage over time, you would simply cast Genesis after every 4th Rejuv. If you’re in a heavy damage situation and people need heals now(!) then 2 quick rejuvs followed by Genesis gives your biggest burst of HotS.

Of course, any ticks on targets already at max health don’t do anything, so even though ticking across 4 targets may be more efficient, don’t be throwing Rejuv on targets who don’t need healing for the sake of having 4.


Ed: When I originally posted this article, I included an error that was caused by not-careful-enough observation. Originally I said that Genesis sped Rejuvenation up by 400% (which totalled 500%), not that it sped it up to 400% which is the actual case. This did not affect any calculations for mana efficiency or number of ticks – it is only the numbers listed as ticks/sec. 

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  1. TedCrilly

    Nice blog you have here Sir.
    Was a pleasure raiding with you last, was still horrified to see how much you destroy my healing, but makes me realise I have a lot to learn as tbh, im really new to druid healing myself…Kinda got thrown into it after playing RDPS for many years.
    Im going to optimise my gear some more tonight with the help of mr robot, but I think Ill ask you to analyse my healing some more at some point and see if you can give me some pointers on where i can improve…Im not sure of my rotations and if im using them correctly either.

    Thanks for the help so far, you are a champ! xox

  2. Breadfan

    Hey there, thanks – you too! More than happy to chat about whatever you like.

    Personally what helps me sometimes is just to focus on one thing and drill it until it becomes second nature. For example, while healing, my goal for a fight would be to make sure I always had Harmony up. After I had mastered that, I’d switch my focus to using all my cooldowns – rotating them and making sure I’m just using them as often as possible, whether it be a trinket, synapse springs, Berserking, Nature’s Vigil, you name it. It’s pretty easy to get a lot of practice in with LFR nowadays.

    I find for both of those, an addon like Power Auras is really helpful, because it can put the info you need in a good central location. Which is another point – your UI and method of healing (whether you use mouse over macros, clique or something else) are a big factor.

    Anyway, we can chat more in-game or in vent if you like?

  3. TedCrilly

    Sounds great 🙂
    I was actually using LFR as a playground last night and testing out a few different things, and the RNG gods must have been pleased with me because I got a staff drop, and mine needed replacing badly.

    I beleive we are all xferring over to black rock sometime within the next week as well.
    I also think we are wanting to continue with the ToT run this weekend if you are free to come along? id like to go back in with the same group.

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