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Mastering Mechanics: Harmony (Resto Druid Mastery)

mop_logo This post was originally written during Mists of Pandaria. Its content may be outdated due to changes that come with expansion packs. Please consider this while reading. 

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Harmony, like Lifebloom, is a core mechanic of resto druid healing. Just like Lifebloom, the goal is to maintain 100% uptime. It’s much easier to maintain than it used to be, now that Swiftmend refreshes its uptime. Harmony is the most important of the resto mechanics, due to the fact that the penalty is significantly reduced healing.

What is Harmony?

Every time you cast a direct heal, you activate Harmony which lasts 20 seconds. During that time, your healing is increased by the percentage of mastery you have. So at 25% mastery, you increase your healing by 25% for the time Harmony is active. There is no internal cooldown or anything – Harmony gets refreshed with every cast of Swiftmend, Regrowth, Healing Touch or Nourish.

Why is it a ‘Mechanic’?

Because Harmony can have a theoretical 100% up-time, all those stat-weights you see theory-crafters putting out assume 100% up-time. If your Harmony up-time is poor, then you’ll get better bang for your buck out of crit. That’s not a reason to switch to stacking crit over mastery, however – that means it’s time to focus on maintaining Harmony over the entire duration of a fight. Your mindset should be that you are losing heals by not maintaining harmony, rather than gaining heals by keeping it up. It’s also really, really easy to work out how valuable your mastery is if you have 100% up-time.

Tips for Maintaining Harmony

An add-on like Power Auras Classic makes life easy. You can learn to check down your buff non-stop, but I think there’ll always be a situation where your attention is demanded elsewhere. An icon with a timer somewhere close to your raid frames/character makes it possible to stay aware of Harmony without sacrificing your attention elsewhere. Another tip is to have a bigger, brighter, louder aura activate whenever Harmony is not active – something to remind you “Hey, cast a Swiftmend so your heals are good!”

The most cost-effective way to maintain Harmony is generally via Swiftmend, the exception being when Clearcasting procs (you can’t get cheaper than free!).

Otherwise, like anything that’s a mechanic, practice makes perfect!

Harmony is generally your top priority. The “punishment” to not keeping it up is losing, most likely, somewhere in the vicinity of 15-25% of your healing effectiveness. Compared to say, the punishment for not maintaining Lifebloom up-time, you’re losing whatever amount of healing your stack would have done, the mana cost of the 2 additional Lifeblooms to get back to a 3-stack, 2 GCDs, and the chance of a clearcasting proc inside that window. That may seem like a long list, but the large % of healing is definitely going to be worth more.

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