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Log Analysis vs Heroic Rag, 16 Oct

cata_logo (2) This post was originally written during Cataclysm. Its content may be outdated due to changes that come with expansion packs. Please consider this while reading. 

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So this week my guild and I are back on to Heroic Ragnaros after a short break last week (due to comp), and I figured I’d share some of my post raid healing analysis. If you haven’t worked much with logs, I hope I give you some insight. I’m happy to respond to any questions also. We had a night of attempts on Ragnaros, and we are still fleshing out our strat to handle the Molten Elementals (the seed adds, not the Sons, which is something a lot of people confuse). We took him on last night and we are going again tonight.

You can view the attempt logs here.

Note: Attempt no. 6 I went DPS to test how beneficial a boomkin knockback is on the molten elementals (answer is VERY). Afterwards we brought in a real boomkin.

Our group has been changing fairly constantly over the past couple of weeks so it was good to finally get in and feel like we had a pretty solid group. Honestly, we have 12 people who we need to take to a 10man encounter, so it’s really tough squeezing the right ones in.

Anyway, the analysis of my healing…

The first thing I notice is how much of my healing is accounted for by Rejuvenation. On other encounters, Wild Growth is far and away my top heal. Something else I note is that I am doing less overhealing with Rejuvenation than I normally do. Generally, my response to a trap has been to throw an immediate WG and then Rejuv up the raid, prioritising the people who WG isn’t on. There’s no need to panic since we have until the next trap needs to be detonated to top everyone off, and I can let Rejuv tick for its full duration. I’m OK with how these numbers look since it’s an intentional and strategic move to lean on Rejuv more to look after the bulk of the healing. Over the course of the fight this will change, and WG will pull ahead as you’d expect, as the healing demands change between phases.

Regrowth is doing a lot of healing – not much overhealing so I’m making the right decisions from an efficiency standpoint, however it looks like I’m definitely dumping too many Omen of Clarity procs into Rregrowth when I could be using them for Healing Touch on the tank or a low-health-post-trap DPS, which will shorten the cooldown of Nature’s Swiftness thanks to the Glyph of Healing Touch. It’s simply a pacing issue; I’m feeling rushed, like I need to get the maximum possible healing out in the shortest possible time frame, when I actually do have that extra half second to spare on a Healing Touch cast. This fight is tricky that way.

Curiously, Firebloom is doing a pretty substantial amount of healing. I have been thinking for quite a while now that I could probably afford to drop my 4-set if I got the heroic helmet drop from Beth, since this encounter requires so much spreading. Blizzard aren’t increasing the range on this until 4.3, right? Anyway, my decision is now made more difficult based on these logs.

Efflorescense is doing a lot more healing that I’d expect for this fight also. It’s probably only hitting two targets at any given time. Maybe it’s a result of problematic seed phases where people are stacking up too much, but maybe I just underestimated the spell. I guess it goes to show how valuable the extra tick is from 2005 haste. Expect this to go up as the fight goes on, especially phase 4.

I was pretty poor at maintaining my harmony uptime; in order of fights it was up for 92%, 84%, 89%, 91%, 90%, 75%, 80% and 80% of the total. I realised this on the night but it’s something I’ll have to make an active effort to fix. Nourish is not being utilised nearly enough to keep it up.

There is a strong correlation between fight length and poorer harmony uptime. There will be stages on this fight where Harmony is just going to fall off, like during the seeds cast, so that’s to be expected, but not to this degree. I’m pretty sure that when the seeds explode and the elementals come running over, I’m not ensuring harmony is up – I’m reacting with the most immediate burst raid healing I can do, which hurts me. Logically I know this, I just need to conquer my natural reflexive response. I’ll need to ask my raid to focus on using their own personal CDs during these, and focus more on making my heals count for more with Harmony.

My big takeaway from Sunday night is that mis-managing mastery is letting me down at the moment. I’m also not utilising my trinkets properly, which I am usually quite good at. Basically, I’m making it hard on myself. I’m getting the job done but that’s not good enough – I’ll need to improve if I’m going to handle another 8 minutes of Ragnaros!

Oh and side note – after we finish up on Heroic attempts for the week, we’ll be killing Rag for our guild’s first legendary staff. Nothing to do with logs, but plenty to do with how excited I am for the raid!

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