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Resto druid gems, metas and enchants

mop_logo This post was originally written during Mists of Pandaria. Its content may be outdated due to changes that come with expansion packs. Please consider this while reading. 

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Now that we’ve matured a little in Mists of Pandaria and the changes are a bit more commonplace, I’ve decided to look back into gems, meta gems and enchants one again. I’ve also been doing a lot of thinking about stat priorities lately (and not very much time reading others ideas on the priorities), and I’m coming up with some interesting ideas. Note that this is restricted to PvE, which is especially evident when talking about metas.


Red Socket – Purified Imperial Amethyst / Perfect Purified Roguestone
+80 int, +160 spirit

Blue Socket – Sparkling River’s Heart / Perfect Sparkling Lapis Lazuli
+320 spirit

Yellow Socket – Zen Wild Jade / Perfect Zen Alexandrite
+160 spirit, +160 mastery 

Note that Energized Wild Jade / Perfect Energized Alexandrite (spirit/haste) is an acceptable alternative in yellow sockets if it will be effective in hitting a haste breakpoint. The reason is that, particularly with spirit on nearly every piece of gear, you are generally shifting between mastery and haste. When you trade out a gem’s mastery bonus because it makes a better fit, generally that means there’s mastery somewhere else you don’t need to reforge out of.

Meta Gems

My recommendation is…

Revitalising Primal Diamond
+432 spirit and 3% increased critical effect

…because at the moment, I consider 1 spirit to be worth greater than 0.5 spell power, therefore making this the best choice. However, if your preference is for 0.5 spell power greater than 1 spirit, then certainly consider…

Burning Primal Diamond
+216 intellect and 3% increased critical effect

The alternative +intellect choices for meta gems are Forlorn (which has a 10% silence reduction), which clearly isn’t of benefit in PvE, and Ember, which grants +2% maximum mana.

Burning Primal Diamond vs Ember Primal Diamond

Why does Ember Primal Diamond not cut it? Well’ it’s not immediately clear, and in previous expansions the ember cut has usually been a reasonable option. Now with fixed mana pools, the additional mana is basically nothing. I actually think this is so useless hat Blizzard need to bump it up to something a little more reasonable. Basically, your mana pool is increased 6k mana, which is not even two thirds the cost of a single Rejuvenation. And yes, that is literally all you gain, because whether you have that 6k mana or not, your Mp5 in combat will be the same. The only slight boost you get is a slightly more effective Innervate – 600 mana per cast of innervate to be precise. If you cast Innervate 3 times in a fight, Ember Primal Diamond has given you a measly 7.8k mana. Still not a free rejuv. So whichever way you do the math, +3% crit (which equates to +3% healing done, after all) is better than 1 free swiftmend or 2 free lifeblooms (which are your only two options to use this effectively, unless for some reason you decide to put Nourish back on your bar).

Boot Enchants

I will emphatically state that the worst thing about Cataclysm for me was the introduction of the boots with the additional run speed. They were actually useless in PvE, but so many people mistakenly thought that it was a sacrifice worth making. Nowadays, the choice isn’t between +Mastery or +Slightly-less-mastery with run speed bonus. The new run speed boots, Pandaren’s Step, are actually really good since they have a solid amount of mastery and a lack of a better alternative. I really don’t like haste as being THAT much more important than mastery before haste caps – especially in 10 mans and below, which is one reason I don’t like the haste option, even if going for a particular haste breakpoint.

In general, I’ll try to hit haste breakpoints through reforging first, then through switching gems, and then finally enchants. It’s a personal preference, but I just see enchants as having greater permanency. This is due things like frequency of upgrades vs effort spent. It’s by no means a rule, but I value being in a position to hearth back, reforge and then zone back into a raid in less time than the trash clear takes.

Chest Enchant

Mighty Spirit (+200 spirit) is very comparable to Glorious Stats (+80 to stats). Chest enchants with bonuses to all stats specifically refer to the five primary stats (confusingly labelled “Attributes” in the character pane) Intellect, Stamina, Strength, Agility and Spirit. That totals 80 spell power (plus a minute amount of crit) and 80 spirit vs 200 spirit. Gaining 120 spirit as a trade off for 80 int is about as borderline as it gets for spirit vs int as far as I’m concerned.

I still opt for Mighty Spirit, but I think it’s a negligible difference. It comes down to preferene if you want to be all about throughput, or value regen.


That’s pretty much is for what I originally planned to be a small update to tide my dear readers over as I busily finish writing guides and other content soon to appear. I’d love to hear any of your own thoughts or questions.

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