Nov 10

BlizzCon Update: Warlords of Draenor Changes

Departing from the flow of more guide- and information-based articles which I’ve been working on recently, this weekend I did what I always do and bought a virtual ticket to watch BlizzCon. I woke up at 4am which was a welcome change from last year’s 3am start time (last time round I stayed up all night to watch rather than get some shuteye and then wake up). Anyway, there’s a lot of announcements, and I’m going to focus on the druid stuff. Here’s a brief rundown of the Warlords of Draenor changes to resto druids, or really, the whole BlizzCon experience, and my thoughts:

  • Garrisons: Sick.
  • Changed raid format: Sick.
  • New character models: Sick.
  • Profession item stack size increasing: Sick.
  • Changes to itemisation, removal of reforging and some stats: Sick.
  • Item squish: Sick.
  • Warcraft movie: SIck.
  • Artosis winning HearthStone Invitational: Sick.
  • JaeDong losing: :'(

Overall, I’m super excited about the expansion and am eagerly awaiting some kind of information about beta release. I didn’t see or hear anything at all about even an estimated beta release, which probably means it’s quite a while off. The more I think about it, the more I think that release is going to be later next year – originally I was optimistic for January/February and then revised my expectation to May/June. I guess we’ll see when the beta drops!

Resto Druid Level 100 Talents

Thanks to the bouses and bousettes at MMO Champion, we know the new level 100 talents for druids, at least in their current iteration. Since they are almost certain to change, I’m not going to get too stuck on the numbers of it all. Check out all the talents here.

Basically, it’s a passive throughput tier, and will have a meaningful impact on healing performance through a buff. I think Blizzard will stick with this kind of tier, if only because I don’t think they’ll have a tier of movement talents as the reward for hitting 100. It has to feel that now you’re a bad ass, you can do more bad ass things. I’m quite certain the abilities themselves will change, probably drastically. The choices are:


Touch of Elune

Passive. Omen of Clarity now lasts 5 sec, instead of 1 cast.


Will of Malfurion

Passive. Genesis now also extends Rejuvenation by 1 sec after hastening it.


Might of Malorne

Passive. Swiftmend now consumes Regrowth or Rejuvenation, but has no cooldown.


Touch of Elune seems very powerful. Synergy with Tree Form LB-blanketing is crazy, to the point where it would become impossible to dump all procs. Outside of Tree Form, remarkably good and might mean haste has a use outside of extra ticks again. Probably not though. Still, a strong choice, at this stage it’s a default though, so something must change.

Will of Malfurion is a pretty nice boost, probably meaning an extra 2 ticks on your most recent Genesis’d Rejuvs assuming that it will work how I think it does – that 6 ticks over 3 sec will be increased to 8 ticks over 4 sec (assuming you get 6 ticks of Rejuv, depends on haste). I really like the idea of this talent because it promotes more use of Genesis. Quite powerful but something that is situational. Overall, this feels weaker than the others outside of certain circumstances. On the right fight, it would be great.

Might of Malorne is obviously meant to provide some much needed burst, as well as help the resto druid tank healing role. I think it falls short because the penalty for a more frequently usable cheap heal is actually a fairly high mana consumption rate (when you factor in reapplication of Rejuv), decreased Rejuv throughput thanks to Rejuv being consumed, and it effectively takes 2 GCDs to cast. For the cost, I think I’d rather use Nourish.

More informative posts to come!

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