Oct 22

BlizzCon Day 1 – Mists of Pandaria

Well – I didn’t expect to have been bombarded with this many announcements for the new.

I’d love to just do a summary of what’s coming in the new expansion, but those are going to be everywhere now. So I’m going to focus on one particularly exciting change – the total overhaul of the talent system.

So first of all, druid’s will officially have 4 talent trees – Feral (Bear) is splitting into the Guardian tree, Feral (Cat) will remain as the Feral tree.

So if you aren’t aware, here’s the basics of how it will work come 5.0:

  • There will be some abilities that are class abilities – these are the basic abilities that you pretty much need to take to not suck at the moment, and will be learned automatically, and will be available in any spec.
  • There will be some abilities that are spec abilities – these are basic abilities like class abilities, however they are available only for your spec, and will be learned automatically.
  • Talents are now tiered, and each talent choice may be one of three possible options. All three in a tier are similar in what they do (e.g. all CC abilities) but they differ in what they actually do, the reason stated as being that they need to give more of a choice, and mostly it seems they are succeeding.

Here’s what we’ve been shown so far – the tentative druid talents (class and spec abilities haven’t been released yet):

(Click on the image to see a breakdown of each ability)

One important thing – looks like druids are getting a pain suppression! So check out the details, and I may discuss them more after I get some sleep.

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