Apr 19

An update. And beta notes in the mean time.

Ed: Sorry for any typos you come across. I am typing this while at work, on a very temperamental keyboard. I will correct them later.

Well, I’ve been back and quite active (as much as can be during exams), but you might not know it from my blogging schedule lately. This is a bit of a filler blog, but it’s assurance that there is stuff on the way.

I am working on my very first video contribution, which will be talking about boomkin DPS in Mits of Pandaria. I’ve been delayed in making this due to sound quality issues, but I have just received in my hands my new microphone via courier, which I hope will solve my audio woes. I’m choosing to level as boomkin for the 85 to 90 space, so I’m going to spend most of my time in a balance spec, and I’m sure plenty of other resto druids out there are the same, so I hope you find it useful. When the bugs are a little less prominent I’m also going to do some more indepth dungeon healing videos focusing on resto druids (I haven’t checked but if you just want to see the encounters, I’m sure there’s something on YouTube/L2R/Tankspot for you). Of course any videos will be posted up here.

While I’m not ready to say goodbye to Cataclysm in terms of blogging (although I’m close), I’m close. I imagined that the MoP beta would suck me in a little more. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I am playing the hell out of it, and I’ve got a ton of notes and have been furiously posting on the official WoW forums about bugs I come across. But I’ve nearly exhausted all quest lines (curse you, Jade Witch!) and explored every nook and cranny I can find.

So in the mean time, I’m going to dish out my thoughts on a few things that I wasn’t going to write an entire blog post about.

Astral Form (Glyph of Stars)

This is a new glyph that replaces moonkin form with a variant of caster form – basically, you go all astral (partially transparent) and get a cool lightning effect.

So far (and this might not make it in to the release), you can mount and dismount without cancelling Astral Form. It might not be a really necessary glyph in any instance, but it’s definitely convenient for levelling and battlegrounds, or any time you are mounted and need to be in combat. Note that you can’t activate this form while mounted – you need to already be in the form before mounting.

Glyph of the Owlbeast

This glyph is a must-have for any druid levelling as balance, while they are levelling. It’ll probably be a big time PvP (especially arena) glyph. Basically, it lets you cast your basic healing spells without cancelling Moonkin/Astral Form. Combined with the point below, this is totally a choice you should make!

Self-Heals are Pretty Good!

So now that the base power of individual spells is scaling for level 90, it means that as soon as you start levelling (at least through levels 85 and 86) your spells are going to be super powered. At the moment in a combination of Heroic Firelands, DS LFR and MoP quest and dungeon blue gear, my rejuvs tick for about 7-9k, and crit for twice that. 16-17k ticks of rejuv will top you off pretty quickly, and even though the MoP mobs have stacks of health, just throwing a rejuv on yourself makes staying alive quite easy. I’ve decided that I won’t need food (at least until level 87 or higher) and will instead rely on liberally applied Rejuvs.

Symbiosis looks fun, won’t really change anything

Lots of people have been tearing into one of the more prominent changes to the druid class, which is the introduction of the Symbiosis ability. My initial thought is it’s a lot of overreaction. With the exception of tanks, no class or spec really gains anything that actually makes them better at being their spec in a PvE sense. There are lots of cool utility abilities and some things that could have a big impact in arenas (not so much in RBGs though, so the simple solution is to not allow symbiosis inside arenas). I liken Symbiosis to Leap of Faith (which coincidentally, we druids can get if we link with a priest!) – a kind of cool utility move that I’m sure we will make use of, but at the end of the day it won’t really impact anything in any way.

An argument could be made that DKs will get a slight DPS boost. I can only base this on the current state of DKs and I haven’t taken into consideration any changes they will be getting. There is a real benefit in AoE situations for both DPS specs, where DKs won’t have to pestillence their diseases around (great when the mobs will die so fast, they die by the time you have applied your diseases). In single target, it will require a rotation change-up, Unholy DKs will save a GCD every 2.5 minutes that the mushroom is available and Frost DKs won’t really get much benefit at all, since Howling Blast applies Frost Fever anyway and Rime (or is it Killing Machine? I always get those two confused. Clearly I don’t main a DK!) pretty much means you don’t really have to think about reapplying Frost Fever. So for the case of the mushroom, Frost DKs will add blood plague. Which they could do with a strike, that will do the base strike damage as well.

*This is based on a quick think about my Frost DK’s rotation. I should actually sit down at a target dummy and confirm this.

In the case of tanks, each non-druid class of tank will get some sort of survival cooldown or health regen, as will Guardian spec most of the time (with the exception of getting Consecration from Paladins, assuming no change to Consecration to turn it into a mitigation/regen ability).

If you can’t decide who to cast this at, good! That means that Symbiosis probably won’t be making or breaking any encounters any time soon. You can take the lazy option and always default to casting it at the tank, since they will all stand to gain a role-specific benefit. Beyond that, just decide based on your own ability-gained preferences. Want to yank people around with Leap of Faith? Do it. Would rather combine Intervene and Ursol’s Vortex for some awesome position control (hello mushrooms!)? Do it.

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