The purpose for this website is to provide accurate,¬†useful and meaningful content, and provide an outlet for me to share articles and videos about my preferred class in WoW. I want to share the highest level of class knowledge that I am capable of, but in a way that is easily comprehensible to everyone, without prior mastery of the spec – friendly to beginners, beneficial to experts. WoW is a game that is full of hidden information. Often, information required to truly understand a class is extremely complicated to digest, thanks to an abundance of over-complicated data. I consider most of the core concepts to be rather simple though. I started this website in Cataclysm, and am continuing it in to Legion. I’m something of a “retired” hard core/top end raider. Generally any information provided is my own, except where noted. Usually I will write an article based on my own thoughts and research, and afterwards seek out other opinions in the blogosphere and theory-crafting community to see how well supported I am, or if I’ve made any glaring errors or omissions. I strive to provide proof of any conclusions drawn, as well as seek to empower people to make their own calculations. If I make mistakes, I remain open to feedback, advice, criticism, question and challenge. I actually really love it when someone shoots me an email to point out a correction, and I like it even better when I learn something to boot.

I’m a huge fan of WoW and Blizzard, and I’ve dedicated huge volumes of my time in and out of game to the WoW experience. I’m excited for Legion, and the changes that will mean for druids everywhere.

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